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Free ISPs and AOL
"I think free ISPs are akin to a political third party. At their height, they will not dominate their environment, or even come close. However, they will be able to change the game and how it is played."

Amazon's Deceleration
Amazon reported Q3 earnings on Wednesday, with a smaller than expected loss and record revenues. But is a slowdown in the rate of revenue growth a problem?

Metricom Sittin' Pretty
"It's been said over and over that Metricom has no true competition. In this post, I'm gonna try to explain why so many people feel this way."

Dell, Analysts, and Chip Shots
Chip shortages are leading analysts to downgrade Dell. But what do analysts really know? And what do we gain by listening them?

More eBay Q3 Analysis
"By paying $150 a share for eBay you are saying you think that the company will be bigger than GM, P&G, and Microsoft. Combined. You might be right. But are you sure?"

Fools on Pfizer and Health Care
Spidey98, a Canadian doctor and Pfizer fan, takes a look at the health care system and the cost of drugs. Are U.S. drug companies gouging the little guy "because they can?"

Microsoft's Pitiful Performance?
A first-time poster wonders what investors are looking for. "I see many posts about the poor performance of Microsoft recently. What do you guys expect!? I am not disappointed with what MSFT is doing for me."

For 3Dfx, Success Don't Mean Nothing
3Dfx has the top five best-selling graphics boards in U.S. retail. But that "don't mean nothing to the bottom line," according to AlphaWolf. How can that be?

JDS: A Gorilla, or Just A King?
A new Fool with several "Gorillas" in his portfolio wonders if he should make room for JDS Uniphase. Thoughts and guidance greatly appreciated.

Corrupted Windoze Developer Eyes Apple
A long-time Apple fan, "corrupted with Microsoft products" and now a Windows developer, wonders if there's a way to occupy two worlds at once.


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