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Berkshire Hathaway and Charlie Munger 101
A Fool shares his notes from a presentation at Wesco's shareholder meeting by its chairman (and Warren Buffett's partner) Charlie Munger.

What Do You Think of Martha?
This Fool has just about had it with Martha Stewart and her greater-than-life ego. Do you think you need 40 sets of dishes adorning your walls?

Will Amazon Ever Be Worth Its Price?
This Fool thinks not -- he looks at the future earnings and discounts them to the present and gets... nothing. Do you think Amazon is a Rule Breaker, or a hot air balloon waiting to be broken?

Pushing Flawed Capitalism on Excite@Home?
This Fool feels that exclusive access to cable subscribers is a benefit of the capitalist system. Forcing it open for AOL, etc. defeats the whole idea of our economics.

Getting Revenge On the Day Care Director
A Fool pulls his children out of a day care center after the directors changed. Should he write the management and tell them why? Many Fools feel he should.

Is Compaq a Lemon?
This Fool resurrects the seventh grade Math Problem From Hell about selling lemons to illustrate an important point about loss of market share. Do you think there might be other ways to slice this problem?

Notes From AOL's Annual Meeting
While Wesco's annual meeting with Charlie Munger was certainly interesting, we'd be remiss if we didn't include the information this Fool gathered on America Online.

Off Topic From Dell: Something Parents Need to Read
This Fool had a terrifying experience in the power of the Internet when a disturbed man sent her children threatening messages. For all of us, a lesson in caution when using this medium.

On the Lighter Side, the Hysterians Are Getting A Bit Paranoid
Could the government be using black helicopters to monitor dentist office visits? Maybe they want to make sure you REALLY ARE flossing. Check it out and see if you need to stock up on toothpaste.

Will PC Makers Throw Microsoft Windows Out the... Uh... Door?
According to The Wall Street Journal, PC makers are considering giving Windows the heave-ho on Internet appliances. Could this be an opening to closing the window on Windows? Or just a painful collection of bad cliches?


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