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Is eBay the Gorilla My Dreams?
Using Foolish criteria, as well as factors from The Gorilla Game, one Fool doesn't monkey around as he takes a close look at eBay to decide whether this investment is the right one for him.

Intel and the Wise Yo-Yos
Ever get the feeling that you bought a yo-yo instead of a leading tech stock? What's up with those Wise analysts who seem to change their tune daily on Intel? Someone get the Dramamine!

Analyzing Akamai Technologies
"I have a feeling there's still a lot of unfulfilled longing for AKAM out there. I don't think the stock will crash and burn. It might lose some of its value, but I don't think it'll lose much, and here's why."

Are the Wise Selling Microsoft?
Why are some portfolio managers trimming their holdings in Microsoft? It's all ho-hum to the Fools on the MSFT board, who don't seem fazed at all.