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Introducing The NOW Index. Wow.
The Motley Fool is assembling a Now Index of the 50 greatest companies for the next century. And you can help nominate them -- right here, right NOW.

Metricom - An Undiscovered Jewel?
Wall Street's paying attention to this wireless company, so does that mean you should? Fool papichul0 puts together a primer, "MCOM 101", to help us understand what all the excitement's about.

Hello IPO, Goodbye UPS?
Is quality of life more important than quantity of stock options? The UPS board explores why some are expecting to see employee departures after the company goes public.

Amazon Math Made Easy
If you continue selling dollar bills for less than a dollar, eventually you run out of dollars. That's one argument anyway. Add yours right here.

AtHome and The Duel in Portland
Fool Holmes789 exhibits some creative writing skills with an amusing rendition of the Open Access Appeal to the Portland courts.

Could Disney Become A Takeover Target?
The board attempts to sort out the complicated merger details with Go.com and InfoSeek. "Are we giving away the farm to get a cow that may or may not give milk?"

Not Just 4Kids Anymore
The Pokemon craze includes grownups, too, as KIDE shareholders report on Halloween sightings and the phenomenonal rise of 4Kids Entertainment's stock price.

Saying Goodbye to Goodyear and Sears
Foolish Four investors who recently purchased these two Dow Dropouts compare notes and share their strategies going forward.

Gorilla Gamers Look at EMC
"EMC is beginning to leverage its market position into Gorilla advantage and the key is that the Data General acquisition expands EMCs horizontal reach and potential market share.


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