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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

B2B Auctions Next Hurdle for eBay?
Business-to-business auctions may be bigger than business-to-consumer sales. But is eBay prepared to win in this arena?

Qualms Over Qualcomm's Split
"Historically, if two-for-one stock splits do better than three-for-one splits, then what does it say about QCOM's decision to split its stock four for one?"

Iomega Uproar
Should Iomega be Zipped out of the Rule Breaker Portfolio? There's no shortage of opinions on this hard-driving Hot Topic.

AOL and AT&T Duel in Portland
"Regardless of the reasons for its beginnings, the Portland case has become leverage to negotiate a deal for access to ATHM and to the AOL subscriber base."

Drowning in Debt
A new Fool tells the Credit Card board, "I know that we need to stop spending before we're going to get anywhere, but at times it seems we have no self control."

Important Days for a UPS-er
"While many are planning to closely track UPS stock performance over the next several months, I for one am choosing to almost totally ignore it. "

Is Home Schooling for You?
It may be more expensive and take more energy, but the home schooling movement is alive and growing and a hot topic among Fools on the Living Below Your Means board.

The NOW Index
Nominations are pouring in for consideration to the Motley Fool's Now Index of fifty great companies for the new century. Have you submitted your favorites yet?

Nominate Your Favorite Charity
Time is fast approaching to select who will be the beneficiary of this year's Fool Charity Drive. Tell us about your favorites and learn about other worthy organizations here.


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