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Going Mobile with Qualcomm
So just what is "mobile data?" And is there really a market for it? Can you think of 5 items of data you would want access to anytime, anywhere?

Peapod's Grocer Loss
The online grocer posted a much wider than expected loss as Webvan, its well-financed high-profile rival, prepares to IPO this week

Correspondence with Pfizer
TMF Grape writes to Pfizer about recent Rule Maker columns and to remind them that the company does have shareholders more interested in its long-term health than its ability to meet or beat earnings expectations.

Akamai's Technology and Future
The company's technology helps speed the Web, from today's banners to tomorrow's Super Bowl. But will Akamai have good enough management and research "to stay on top of new hacks?"

Cisco Now or Cisco Later?
"Here's my question: Do I buy Cisco right now, or wait for a market-wide dip at the end of the year? Am I being clever, or should I just pay what they're asking and hold till I croak?"

A War on Credit Card Debt
Recently divorced, $80K in debt, and "getting too old to start from scratch," this Fool is in war mode and shares his battle plan in the Credit Cards folder.

Knight/Trimark's OptiMark Move
NITE's alliance with OptiMark promises a bigger, more efficient trading system. How will it effect the consolidation of the ECNs? "I suppose it will take some time before investors realize the implications of these developments."

Dell For the Long Term
"I've been considering buying Dell shares for quite some time. My question for you seasoned Fools is, what do you think Dell's outlook is for the long term? Perhaps 10+ years... maybe much longer."

Questions About Compaq
"I'm not convinced the new CEO is the right man to do the job. So far he has had a rather quiet start." A concerned Compaq investor looks for better answers.

Iomega: Over 30 Million Sold
Iomega reported worldwide shipments of 30 million Zip drives. But a careful reading of the announcement has raised more questions than it has answered. "It seems to be more about words than math."


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