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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Is It Time To Dump Dell?
With continuing talk of the Network Computer, is it time to dump Dell and buy Oracle? Is Linux going to eclipse Windows? Join the Fools in this neverending dilemma.

Excite@Home Calls Out the Home Guard
Do you feel Open Access should be legislated? Or do you feel that it is a measure best determined by the market? Whatever you feel, it may become law in Pennsylvania soon.

Will Amazon Get In a Food Fight Next Year?
Fools discuss the possibility of Amazon getting into the home grocery business. Do you think this is another pie that Amazon wants a slice of?

Is This Good Medicine for Pfizer?
Pfizer files an offer for Warner Lambert. Fools discuss how this pill will be swallowed.

No Class In the Action Against Compaq?
A class action suit is filed against Compaq for defective products (aren't you glad lawyers care so much for you?). Fools discuss whether this is a form of legal extortion or... well, legal extortion.

Should Microsoft Be Found Guilty?
The Washington Post thinks so, but Fools aren't so quick to be hanging judges.

A Full-Service Broker Fails to Deliver UPS
This Fool opened an account at a full-service broker hoping to get in on the UPS IPO. "No Problemo" said the broker, until it was time to get the package. How can you get into an IPO like this? Fools discuss.

Will Dogbert Rule the World Someday?
This Fool points out the power of the Dogbert Index in Scott Adams' Dilbert website. There is a link to the Fool site there, too. Could Dogbert be behind the Fool? Come over and fetch all the opinions.

The Lowdown on Buying a Home
This Fool needs to buy a home with a low down payment and wants to know about some other stuff. Fools give him the lowdown on low down payments.

Hey, Isn't the Object of Investing to Make Money?
Not according to the Hysterians, as they announce their second annual Turkey Port Contest. Come on over and see if you can pick five turkeys and win the contest by losing the most money.


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