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Fools Speak Out on Microsoft Ruling
The DOJ declares MSFT a monopoly, and there's no shortage of Foolish opinions on the case. Voice your thoughts on the decision and what might be the next step for Gates, the competition, and investors.

Qualcomm is No Gorilla
"I have heard many of you mention Qualcomm as a Gorilla, or a Microsoft or Cisco or Intel. Well, I believe QCOM is none of the above, and here's why."

Which Way Will the WIND Blow?
With Wind River Systems agreeing to acquire Integrated Systems Inc., Fools are debating the best way to invest in these companies. Is there a strategy involved when two companies are going to join forces?

Excite@Home Rumors Continue
Fools continue to ponder whether a deal is in the making but can't seem to agree on how it would benefit ATHM to be acquired.

Monopolistically Speaking, Is Apple Next in Line?
"Though Apple, like most other computer hardware and software companies, has legitimate grievances against MSFT, let's ask ourselves this question: Is not Apple by definition a monopoly?"

Is Lockheed-Martin a Victim of Mismanagement?
"I bought shares in LMT when I thought it could not possibly drop any further. Unfortunately it has, and I am convinced the company is totally unable to succeed under existing management."

Is Dell in a Class By Itself?
One Fool gives his analysis to explain why he believes Dell is the most undervalued stock in the sector and Apple the most overvalued.

Finding the Right Road to Retirement
"I'm working on my retirement goals, and while I've got lots of years to work at it, I'd like to know if I'm on the right track." What should Fools keep in mind when planning for retirement?

Selecting the Right Broker
You do your homework before investing, so why wouldn't you do the same thing when selecting a discount broker? Fools are discussing what they look for when choosing the right brokerage for their needs.

Living Below Your Means. Why?
Everyone seems to be talking about it, but what's the purpose? Is it all about scrimping and sacrificing? Fools share their thoughts on what LBYM means to them.


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