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Is Microsoft Apple's Friend or Foe?
"Let's accept this as a Machiavellian play for survival and growth. There's no love lost between Jobs and Gates. Don't always look at history, though. Rather, look at present reality."

AOL & Excite@Home Deal: Hit or Myth?
Talk of a deal between America Online and cable Internet king Excite@Home is never long gone. But does it make sense? "Despite surface appearances, AOL and ATHM hold no temptations for each other."

Peapod Out of Bread?
The online grocer got bagged after revealing liquidity "may be insufficient" to get them through the next year. Altimage, Chayaesther, and Leibnitz stroll the aisles and assess Peapod's "mess of their own making."

Amazon's "Significant Announcement"
By now the details are probably out. But how did Fools anticipate Bezos' big newz? "It won't be cheap and it won't be guaranteed to work and it will be copied by another e-commerce company within a year."

Microsoft Down But Not Out
The judge's findings placed a question mark over Microsoft's future. But this former company intern offers "an outsiders perspective with an insider's knowledge" on why Redmond will ride again.

A Question For Iomega Longs
"Why do so many on this board revere this company and its stock, or at least consider it a viable long-term investment? Or even a viable short-term investment?"

Had It With Berkshire Hathaway?
"Berkshire is by far my largest position. But maybe Buffett is wrong. Maybe we are in a new economy where stocks are valued in a new way. Maybe we are missing the boat."

Living Below Your Means
"I assure you that those who have achieved the nirvana of $0.00 debt didn't do it because they bought in bulk. There's a difference between not wasting and skimping."

Broken Hands, Broken Thumbs, and HMOs
"Before I defend HMOs, let me say that they did get too arrogant. However, people want low cost health care that doesn't deny them a thing. HMOs are not charities. They are businesses set up to make profits."

Teaching Holiday Spirit to Children
Looking forward to the first holiday season spent with his 1-year old, a Fool looks for suggestions on teaching the holiday spirit.


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