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Gardners Disappoint Apple Investor
The Fool Radio Show causes a Fool to complain, "I get so tired of hearing the old 'but as a consumer, I don't feel that Microsoft is hurting me' argument." Another Fool says, "stop complaining about the refs and get in the game."

Gardners' Response to Apple Fans
"The notion that Microsoft has ever been or is a monopoly is one of the great delusionary bits of conventional wisdom of our time."

Dell Is No Lemonade Stand
"Sales of low margin PCs are declining as a part of the total and the high margin items are growing larger. It's almost as if Michael Dell knows what he's doing. Scary."

Nortel Takes Aim at Cisco
The Cisco board is discussing Nortel's announcement of a 50% price cut in network routers. Is this a threat or just a PR smoke screen?

Amazon.com's Home Improvement
The e-tailer's big announcement to sell power tools has AMZN bears booing and more than one perplexed Fool asking, "has Amazon wandered down a dark alley without a flashlight?"

Is Anyone Actually Using Excite@Home?
It's not the service, but the software that's under debate in the ATHM folder. Some feels the content just isn't important. Or as one user puts it, "@Home is simply a big fat dumb fast pipe."

Alternatives to Aironet
Now that Cisco has announced it is acquiring this little company, AIRO shareholders are examining alternative investments in the emerging field of wireless technology.

Is Disney Old Media?
"The optimal business model has shifted from the various business platforms Disney employs to the Internet. When was the last time DIS did something truly innovative and dynamic?"

How BRK Outperforms Its Core Holdings
Berkshire Hathaway Fools illustrate how BRK can outperform a simple portfolio of Buffett's stock picks due to constantly redeploying capital. One Fool describes it as "a Ponzi scheme of the right kind."

Your DoubleClicks Don't Lie
"When it comes to Internet advertising, ask yourself, what is more accurate -- what you say when surveyed, or what you actually do when you think no one is looking? The latter is what Abacus collects for DCLK."


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