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Outlining the Microsoft Monopoly
"You can dispute whether the term monopoly is entirely appropriate to Microsoft, but what I think is indisputable is that Microsoft controls this market to our detriment... Microsoft has slowed, not accelerated, our productivity."

End-Running the Microsoft Monopoly
"I can do anything I want without a single Microsoft application, and without paying a penny! How can Microsoft be a monopoly when in a couple hours anyone can do a complete end-run around them?"

Is Speed Enough For Excite@Home?
"What happens after 2002 when people can subscribe to AOL, MindSpring, or any other ISP on cable? At that point, what advantage does @Home have over those companies?"

AOL is Not an ISP
"I think it's interesting that we all still think of AOL as an ISP. That's really a very small part of what AOL is. AOL is a media company."

Berkshire Confessional and Metamorphosis
To: Every Intelligent investor. From: An Investor Furiously Rubbing Sticks Together In A Room Full Of Intelligent Gas.

Dell's Day
After warning of rising costs and tighter margins some weeks ago, Dell reports third quarter earnings after the market closes. What are Dell Fools expecting?

Amazon Money-Making Suggestions
"It seems there is absolutely nothing the company does that makes you bears happy. Give us some real examples of how to turn this thing around, or quit dismissing every new strategy!"

A Memorable Day for UPSers
To the retirees: Enjoy your new-found wealth. To the soon-to-be retirees: Make sure your financial house is in order before deciding to leave. To those still working: You just got a jump start on your finances for retirement.

Cisco Sighs of Relief
Cisco investors are breathing a sigh of relief -- but from what? To me it sounded like one of those newspaper reports that an asteroid passes within 500,000 miles of earth and the scientists all say, "Whew! That was close!"

"Getting Along" With Iomega
A comment in the latest 10-Q about senior management "learning to work effectively as a team" has the Iomega board reviewing recent shakeups at the company.


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