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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Synthetic vs. "Real" Drip Investing
The Moneypaper and Netstock Direct are introducing plans that allow you to make regular cash purchases in companies that don't have Drip plans. Fools discuss the implications.

Doesn't UPS Package Happiness for Its Employees?
Apparently after the IPO, all is still not well with the UPS rank and file. Could this be something to consider when thinking about this stock? Tell us what you think.

What Will Happen With Dell Earnings?
For one earnings report, it may not be that important for long-term investors. See the way Fools compute this topic.

Another Annual Meeting Report -- This Time from Cisco
A Fool gave his report of Cisco's annual meeting -- read what he said and join the discussion.

The Caribbean: Not Just for Diving for Knight-Trimark Insiders
Some insiders in this company have sold their shares privately to a Cayman Island concern to legally get around the "lock up" in U.S. law. Fools discuss if this will sink the stock.

Cut Up the Credit Cards and Do the Happy Dance
This Fool described how he got out of debt -- do you want to do the same? Come over and see how other Fools attack this crucial topic.

Is It Time to Feel a Bit Blue About IBM?
A Fool who inherited some IBM stock looked at the financials and feels´┐Ż well, pretty sad. Weigh in with other Fools about whether IBM is really something to depress you.

Are Amazon Insiders Selling the Company Down the River?
Amazon reports a number of insider sales, and Fools discuss if this means the company could be going up the creek without a paddle. Or maybe the insiders just want some money.

Oh No! It's 4-Kids Entertainment!
If you have a child, you know that when Pokemon is mentioned, it's "Oh No!" time. These Fools discuss the tribulations of trying to buy these extremely popular cards. It's good for stockholders, though.

The Lawyers Go After Excite@Home
It's yet another class action suit "to protect the consumers" (yeah, right), and this time Excite@Home gets it. Come on over and join the deliberations of the "jury."


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