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Will the Microsoft Decision Be the Downfall of AOL?
One Fool explains why he foresees Bill Gates gunning for AOL -- but there are plenty of contrary opinions from AOL Fools who say this poster is just shooting himself in the foot with his arguments.

United Parcel Service Doesn't Deliver for Me
"I had the opportunity to buy some of the UPS IPO earlier in the week, and I didn't think twice about telling my SmithBarney broker 'NO.'" Stop by the UPS board to find out why this Fool says UPS isn't the right package for him.

Dissecting the Microsoft Ruling
"The district court's opinion is strong in its condemnation of Microsoft, but in many ways it's a weak opinion." Join the stimulating discussion as Fools on the MSFT board continue to disseminate the facts of the case and the judge's ruling.

Has Lucent Trumped Cisco?
In light of what was written about CSCO in the Rule Maker report, does this new technology announcement spell trouble down the road? Find out what Lucent and Cisco Fools are saying.

Amazon and the "Wow" Factor
This Fool believes that Amazon is part of the Internet's "eow" factor, where high valuations and substantial volatility rule the day simply because no one knows how far the Internet is going to go. Can the days of "wow" turn to nights of "woe"?

Ma Bell Puts Pressure on Excite@Home
AT&T is telling ATHM to work harder at meeting demand, and while some Fools see higher demand as great news for ATHM, others are concerned about its ability to meet demand before competition steps in.

Welcome to Albertson's! Care for a refill of your Starbucks?
Fools share their take on the latest news of coffee bars in Albertson's. Stop by and spill the beans as to your thoughts on whether this venture is "grounds" for celebration.

Emergency Fund: Now or Later?
"I've got loans that I'm paying off, but I really need to start an emergency fund, too. Do I concentrate on the loans first, or should I save up some cash for unexpected events?"

College Saving and Tax Strategies
"What are the best ways to invest for my child's college education without getting bitten by taxes in the process?"

Planning Mom's Retirement
"I'm a practicing long-term, buy-and-hold investor, but it strikes me that my mom's need to have access to funds is much more immediate than my own. What strategies should I consider in helping Mom address her retirement?"


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