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Will Wal-Mart Announce "You've Got Mail?"
Fools on the WMT board are discussing the rumors about an alliance between Wal-Mart and AOL that might have the giant retailer installing Internet kiosks for customers.

Barron's Bullish on Amazon?
Not exactly. But the AMZN board is discussing a positive Barron's article about a value-oriented fund manager who believes the stock might be undervalued.

Comparing Dell and Apple
Here's a $25 billion dollar company that's self-imploding because it's only growing at 40% year over year! I wonder what Steve Jobs would give to have a growth rate that was shrinking like Dell's?

Baseball, Mom and AAPL Pie
"The future standards may be open source, but it will require consumer products that are useable, reliable, functional and interoperable. Apple will be the company that brings all of this stuff together."

Getting Bored with Buffett?
A BRK shareholder warns about attempts at market-timing this fund. "There is nothing so boring about waiting in order to make money that I would be moved to take action now in order to lose it."

Cisco and One Investor's Story
A long-term Cisco investor finds it easy to get things in perspective whenever he reads one of those "the end of Cisco as we know it" stories.

Microsoft and Why Nobody "Gets It"
Sure, the software is good, maybe even great. But how much better would it be if Microsoft had had a fair amount of competition? Or if we had many better products produced by other companies to choose from?

Qualcomm Takes a Pause.
After weeks of a breathtaking climb, QCOM reversed course on Monday and actually went down. Unfazed by today's pullback, one Fool offers his outlook with a three-year projection of revenue and market growth

Looting a Keogh Plan
The Credit Card board offers opinions to a Fool who's thinking of "borrowing" from a Keogh Plan in order to purchase shares he's been allocated in an upcoming IPO.


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