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Why Should We Care About Microsoft?
"As the furor from our community's response to the Microsoft trial dies down, I found myself wondering why this trial has engaged our passions so thoroughly but we hardly care about the ADM price-fixing case, for example."

Qualcomm True Q-Confessions
"I yielded to the temptation of trying to time the market: I'll buy back in the low $160s. Or so I thought. I'll wait until post-earnings euphoria calms down. Or so I tried to Q-convince myself. Ugly, ugly sins."

Open Market Wakes Up
E-commerce firm Open Market has jumped into action after a year-long snooze. Why now? "Why not now?" comes the reply.

Amazonians Discuss Wal-Mart.com
"I think Wal-Mart and most other 'brick and mortars' will continue to fall behind more innovative 'pure' Internet companies, always fighting the last war, while Amazon, Yahoo, and others find new ways to relate with customers."

Another 5 Reasons to Quit Smoking
"1. I don't smell anymore. 2. My house doesn't smell anymore. 3. My boyfriend kisses me more often. 4. No more ashtrays overflowing. 5. No more burns on my body, my clothes and my car."

eBay & the Internet Report
Jeff Fischer's analysis of eBay in the Internet Report has prompted a re-energized look at the online auction house by fans and doubters alike.

More Late-NITE Reflections
"Only 3 months ago I was figuring out how much more I would need from my pathetic laggards to break even this year. I bet I'm up 35% YTD. God help the new investor."

The American Dream
AngryPuppy tells a tale of the Harvard MBA and the Mexican coastal fisherman. "There's a moral in there somewhere," says TMF Jeanie.

Searching For Fools
Our search feature is new and improved (really), and right at the top of the page. Give it a whirl. Messages... news... portfolios... all the needles in all the haystacks. Search away! Then tell us what you think.

Disgruntled UPS Employees
Following a much-anticipated IPO, the UPS board discusses the status of the men and women who drive those familiar brown trucks, and their role in the UPS universe.

Coffee Maker Blues
"I have gone through my third coffee maker this year. What's with these things? They are like throwaway items. Can anyone recommend a good maker that doesn't fall apart after three months? This is one gadget I can't live without."


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