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Does Anybody Still Own Iomega?
The Rule Breaker Portfolio announced that it is selling Iomega -- does anybody still own this stock after all it's been through? Yes, and these Fools give their reasons.

Is Linux Really A Threat To Microsoft?
These Fools don't think so, because of usability and profitability. They feel that we may be facing "Linux Overload."

Is Red Hat 400 Times Overvalued?
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Is It NOW Time For Apple?
The Motley Fool doesn't have Apple Computer in the NOW Index, and Fools in the Apple board strongly disagree. Do you?

An 800 MHz Intel Chip?
Fools discuss Intel's upcoming product and the possible threat from AMD.

Is Cisco Overvalued?
We have been hearing this for years about the technology stocks. Fools weigh in on this issue the Wise keep bringing up.

Is There Justice For UPS?
FedEx reports bad news and its stock price jumps. What about UPS? Will its stock rise after the next quarterly report? Fools discuss.

Tired Of Coughing Every Morning?
Is smoker's cough getting you down? Are you tired of getting out of breath going up a flight of stairs? Perhaps you should take a non-smoking break and see the Quitting Smoking board.

Are You Taking Tax Losses?
Fools on the tax board discuss the rules for "wash sales" for selling those stocks you want to buy again next year.

Helping Mom and Dad Invest
This thread addresses an issue those of us with aging parents may need to consider.