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Why Buy Celera Today
With the Rule Breaker Portfolio buying CRA, many Fools are following its lead. But are some merely following the herd without doing their own Foolish research?

What the Portland Decision Can Mean to Excite@Home
"After reading many posts recently, it should be said that Portland means more than a lot of people think. I have just finished a Business Law class and here's the way I see the situation."

My Experience Was a Bad Apple
One AAPL Fool is less than happy after dealing with customer service over a defective monitor. "They told me that I shouldn't have cut out the UPC symbol on the box, but I had to in order to get the rebate!"

Is Slowing Down?
Datasnooper uncovers numbers that suggest the competition is heating up and surpassing's percentage of visitors to their site. Fools are sharing their thoughts and analyzing the latest numbers.

Concerned about Growth at Home Depot
One HD investor and employee shares his thoughts on how Home Depot will handle the demand for managers. "I can only speak from what I see at our store, and there is little, if any, training going on to meet this need."

Red Hat is No Microsoft!
"I'm a MSFT shareholder, and some of the outlandish justifications given to the current valuation of Red Hat never cease to amaze me. Let's get this straight: Red Hat will never be as profitable as Microsoft."

Volume and Peak at UPS
A UPS Fool and employee shares what he sees during this peak of the holiday delivery season. "What I delivered today was more than what FedEx and RPS delivered all week combined."

Dealing with Debt
Is it Foolish to dip into college savings to pay down credit card debt, or does it make more sense to let the investments keep working and deal with the debt on the side? Fools on the Credit Card board are sharing their thoughts.

What Should I Do With the Savings Bonds?
That's what one Fool wants to know after finding himself holding over $270,000 worth. Would the tax consequences justify cashing these babies in?

Foolanthropy Continues to Make a Difference
Fools share their thoughts on how to give like a Fool to help those in need during this season of giving. Join the board and find out how $5 can help five charities.