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David Gardner Explains the Trading Policy
"I'm reading lots of notes here from people who may not be aware of how our portfolio works and has always worked. Namely, we announce that we will be buying or selling a stock, and then we do it."

A Contrarian Look at Apple
"I have seen very little critical analysis of AAPL on the board recently, so I thought it might be time again to outline some of the long and short term problems between us and world domination."

Dell and the Threat of the "Free" PC
Are those low-cost and free-with-rebate PCs we keep seeing advertised going to be a problem for Dell? At least one Fool doesn't think so.

Jeff Bezos: Time's Person of the Year
Check for CEO Jeff Bezos's smiling face on this week's Time magazine, and check Fools on our Amazon board reacting to this new recognition for the e-tailing wunderkind.

The Intrinsic Value of Berkshire Hathaway
Warren Buffett has long been a student of intrinsic value. How does he stand up when Fools turn these valuation methods on his own company?

ATHM: Are the Portal Wars Over?
It's long been one of the most controversial discussions in Fooldom -- but is the fat lady singing? Should we stick a fork in it? Are the Portal Wars really done?

Questions for Celera
A Fool is planning a visit to Celera, and he wants to bring your questions along with him. What is it that you want to know about the Rule Breaker Portfolio's latest holding?

Loving Below Your Means
Engagement rings cost lots of money. But is this something you want to scrimp on? What role does money play in matters of the heart?

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