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Celera: Beyond the Human Genome
There are plenty of opportunities that can sustain this company far beyond the year 2001 when the human genome is predicted to be complete. Parvopup lists just some of them.

Celera: Molecular Biologist Urges Caution
The "landgrab" of laying patent claims on human sequences has been underway at other companies for more than five years, and it's not yet clear that Celera's ability to supply the other 92% of the genome will be as valuable as it sounds.

Keep AOL or Buy a House?
A novice investor who's about to buy his first home is eyeing the returns on his AOL investment and wondering if he should sell it in order to increase his down payment from 20% to 50%.

Qwest Moves to the Big Board
Fools are debating this company's decision to move to the NYSE. Will it still be considered an upstart? Or will value be determined by results, not the stock exchange?

Spoiled by One Bad Apple
A Fool's tale of woe with his new Apple computer elicits plenty of opinions, both supportive and defensive. Should one bad Apple spoil the whole investment?

Anticipating an Apple Rocket
"Apple is on the verge of cementing its credibility with Wall Street as a serious stock. Even the most recalcitrant critics are finally coming around."

Intrinsic Value of Dell
Fool BruceBrown compares the quality of a known commodity like a Dell computer to a McDonald's Big Mac. No matter where they are bought, the customer knows exactly what he'll get -- no surprises, consistent quality.

Argument Against the Foolish Four
A Fool explains why she has come to the conclusion that "diving into the F4 would be like rolling the dice -- I wouldn't be able to explain my success or failure."

Mechanical Investing in a Bear Market
Fool kuperman has examined all the data for mechanical strategies during the time period of 1969-1985 and shares his conclusions.

Giving Below Your Means
One LBYM family is planning to give just one gift to their son, believing the spending frenzy on useless toys is a waste of money that would be better spent on his education. Shrewd, or Scrooge?