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The Night Before Christmas
"The portfolios were placed in the market with Folly; In hopes good returns would make us quite jolly..." Our hugely popular Mechanical Investing board has been known to host the occasional holiday poet. So Fool la la la la!

Celera #1: Sights and Sounds
ElricSeven recently toured the facilities of Celera and reports on the new Porsche in the parking lot, the rooms where they harvest the "bacterial beasties," and the Nobel Prize-winning dude who constructs the gene library.

Celera #2: Current Facts
In the second installment from his Celera tour, ElricSeven talks with the president of the Genomics Group and learns, among other things, that he follows the Fool message board from a groovy flat-screened PC.

Celera #3: Future Plans
Closing out his Celera report, our Foolish emissary looks toward the company's future, including its plans for public relations and political lobbying as genetic research moves from the laboratory to the marketplace.

New Apple. New Investor. New Fool.
Having sworn allegiance to IBM as a kid, recent graduate Scottyfoolish is so impressed with his blueberry iMac 350 that he's launching his investment career by putting his hard-earned green in the company.

Too Late To Catch Qualcomm?
Qualcomm has rocketed over 1800% this year. Are those who aren't already long too late to the party? Or will the wireless gorilla keep on swinging?

NetZero, Juno & the Free Internet
Juno skyrocketed when it announced its free ISP, and NetZero tagged along for the ride. But are there sustainable businesses here? Is there a free Internet in your future?

AOL All Over the Map
Is AOL's acquisition of just another eyeball-grab with latitude? Or is there more to it than that? "It's another tentacle around a content infrastructure on the Net," says this Goofy Fool.

Defending and Bludgeoning Blodget On CMGI
Merrill Lynch analyst Henry Blodget initiated coverage of Internet venture fund CMGI, but what the Fools on the company's board want to know is where was he these last five-and-a-half years?

Too Much Holiday Giving?
With the main event of the "gift-giving season" barely hours away, the Living Below Your Means board weighs the gift of quality time with kids and family against flooding the living room with presents.