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January 2, 2001

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The Best 3Dfx Could Get?
One could assume that in selling its assets to NVidia, 3Dfx was making the best deal it could under the circumstances. Or, one could assume otherwise...

Cisco and the Year Ahead
As Cisco turns the page to a new year, it's time to reflect on what has been learned from the difficult one just passed.

The Value of Excite to @Home
A recent ranking of top Web sites sparks a debate on the importance of Excite to the @Home ISP. Was their merger necessary? Is it working out?

Oracle vs. Microsoft
It's the eternal clash of the titans: Who's got the better software? Which company scores better against database benchmarks? And how do you go about making a reliable measurement of performance?

Apple: Trending Toward Book Value
Apple Computer has cash in the bank, but it's losing money, and its share price is trending toward its liquidation value. How bad can it get?

RealNetwork's Path to Gorilla Power
Gorilla Gamers are looking at RNWK's history and it's future. Is it on course to being the dominating player in streaming media?

"My Foolish Investment Concepts"
"Over time, and with a lot of trial and error, I've learned what works best for me," says Wax on the Cheeze-O-Rama message board. "For instance, I pay very close attention to both earnings estimates and earnings growth."

Budgeting for Your Home in Retirement
How much do retirees budget for maintaining their homes? Is it in line with what you are allocating for this expense?

The Clock Is Ticking on Foolanthropy
There are just a few days left in our annual Foolanthropy Charity Drive. Make your contribution count!

Industry Focus 2001
The companies highlighted in Industry Focus 2001 are a great place to start when you're planning your investments for the year ahead.

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