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January 3, 2001

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AMD Is Not Just an Intel-Wannabe
Spriteman offers his analysis of Advance Micro Devices, which he says "has finally proven that it can consistently perform, as it has time and time again beaten Intel to the punch during the year 2000."

Why Applied Materials Is Undervalued
Or is it? One Fool shares his valuation metrics using several different models to explain why he believes Applied Materials will ultimately be awarded a higher valuation.

Broadcom's Acquisition Odyssey
Fools are debating the wisdom of Broadcom's acquisitions during the past year. Was it an obsessive compulsion or a clever strategy to increase revenues?

Berkshire Hathaway's Great Year
"Fads come and go," says susan400, "but sound principles are king forever" as she looks back on 2000 as the year value investing came back in favor.

Is Rambus Still the "Potential of the Decade"?
"My money has been and will remain on Rambus until the opposition can present me with solid reasons not to own this stock" writes a shareholder who invites contrary opinions, backed by data.

EMC More Than a Storage Maker
The duel over EMC continues as Fools debate whether it's a hardware company, a software company, a commodity manufacturer, or perhaps "the most valuable company on the planet!"

JDS Uniphase's Brave New World
Short of a natural disaster, the fiber optic infrastructure will last indefinitely. So how will JDS Uniphase make money once the buildout is complete?

Old Stock Certificate Mysteries
Bought Harvey Aluminum 25 years ago? How about Phoenix Steel, or the J. G.Flynt Tobacco Company? What's the value of five shares of AT&T bought in 1964? Share your own mysteries or help others solve theirs!

Foolanthropy -- It's a Giving Thing
Read what other Fools are saying about our Community effort, and how you can make a difference.

Industry Focus 2001
The companies highlighted in Industry Focus 2001 are a great place to start when you're planning your investments for the year ahead.

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