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January 4, 2001

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Yahoo! Charges, eBay Fools React
Yahoo! says it will start charging sellers at its auction site. Some eBay Fools think it's time to start dancing for joy, as miffed Yahoo! sellers switch to the auction leader. But is this enough to bid Yahoo! adieu?

Censorship at Yahoo!?
While new auction fees were taken in stride on the Yahoo! board, Yahoo!'s ban on items that glorify hatred or violence prompted a discussion on free speech in cyberspace. Censorship -- or a new e-commerce standard?

AMD Pricewatch
Fool RobertBianchi has been watching PC and chip prices, trying to track AMD's strategy. Have they cut prices to suppliers? Are products being phased out? Is something new about to be announced?

A Pet Theory of Amazon
"One sure sign of intellectual dishonesty in an argument is when markets and analysts are either idiots or geniuses based solely on whether they appear to agree with the poster's pet peeves on any given day."

Fascinated by Applied Materials
Fascinated by the difference between what some people say Applied Materials is worth and how it has been priced by the market, this Fool does what a Fool's gotta do: research -- all shared in detail with the community.

Is Microsoft Breakup a Bad Thing?
"If two or more strong companies are derived from the breakup, and are able to keep their talent and innovative spirit, is it really the Bad Thing we fear?"

Excite@Home and AOL: What's the Difference?
Are AOL and the high-speed version of Excite alike because they're both provided exclusively to subscribers? Or do their differences matter more?

Intel and The Big One
What will happen to Intel and other West Coast tech stocks if -- or when -- California gets hit by a major quake? How badly can "The Big One" rattle our portfolios?

TMF Rimpy -- Master of Timing
The very day TMF Rimpy's Bearish view on the market appears in Dueling Fools, Greenspan cuts rates by 0.50% and the Nasdaq spikes up 11%. Zigging and zagging on the CMGI board.

Foolanthropy -- Music to Your Ears
The Foolanthropy 2000 Charity Drive moves into its final days to the beat of Dimension Zero's new single on With 100% of this week's proceeds going to Foolanthropy, how can you not give a listen?

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