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January 5, 2001

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Nokia -- the Stock or the Business?
"Nokia, the business, is going from strength to strength. Its share price is not." Are analysts to blame for keeping Nokia from being a profitable investment?

Excite@Home's $2 Billion Goal
Excite@Home says it still expects to post annual revenue of more than $2 billion by 2002. But, "by setting the expectations so high, they allow no room for error," says one Fool who crunches numbers to demonstrate his concern.

Rambus Patent Protection
"Since the transfer of data at the edges of a clock is a concept not invented by Rambus," some wonder about the company's claims of patent infringement when it comes to DDR. (That's Double Data Rate for the rest of us!)

Cisco at CEO Summit
While the Fed rate cut was dominating the media, it was the President-elect George W. Bush's CEO Conference that was a better indicator of current economic conditions.

Why Such a Dim View of Intel?
A puzzled Fool can't understand why so many investors and analysts have a negative outlook for Intel's future. The Intel board offers plenty of explanations.

Juniper Steals a Gorilla's Maestro
"Juniper's been steadily eroding market share in core Internet devices for a while. Now they've got the guy who's been widely perceived as one of Cisco's top rocket scientists."

Will Yahoo!'s Charge Cause Stampede to Ebay?
Ebay shareholders react to Yahoo!'s announcement that it will begin charging auction fees. How likely is it that some sellers will pack up their Beanie Babies and move on over to eBay?

Being of Sound Mind, "I'll Do It Myself"
You know you need a will, but do you need an attorney? The Retire Early board discusses the pros and cons of do-it-yourself Nolo software for creating wills and trusts.

Foolanthropy's Final Two Days
The annual Foolish charity drive ends tomorrow. Learn about the Rule Breaking charitable foundations that will benefit from your generosity and how just a few dollars can make a difference in the lives of so many people.

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