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January 9, 2001

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What You Should Know About Apple's Books
A close look at Apple Computer's numbers gives investors much to ponder. What can we learn from the company's financial statements?

Berkshire, Coke, and Inevitability
Why does Warren Buffett continue to hold shares of Coca-Cola even though it's P/E ratio is uncomfortably high?

Is Rambus a Rule Breaker?
A Rule Breaker report by TMFTom9 sparks a debate about the pros and cons of Rambus. Does the upstart chip maker have a sustainable advantage or not?

Valuing JDS Uniphase
"I have played with the intrinsic value of JDSU. I don't primarily aim to calculate the fair stock price for today. I rather try to uncover the built-in assumptions of the market."

Metricom vs. Excite@Home
Both stocks have suffered through horrific declines... but is there hope that one of them might be revived?

Amazon's Fourth-Quarter Sales
The numbers are out, and the bears on the board are finding grim signs in every digit. Are they right?

Tricks of the Credit Card Trade
Your credit card company has more leeway in adjusting your interest rates than they'll ever admit. It pays to know their negotiating tactics -- and one smart Fool shares some of the tricks with the rest of us.

Dumping Those Underperforming Funds
Last year a Fool made a resolution to move out of those nasty underperforming mutual funds. Can you reach the same goal this year?

The California Energy Crunch
The lights are dim on the Folly in California board as residents of that state suffer through a utility crisis. Is deregulation to blame for the state's energy woes?