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January 10, 2001

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No Magic at MacWorld
A few Apple Fools felt let down by Steve Jobs' presentation at MacWorld, asking, "Where is the whizz-bang-crash excitement of a whole new 'thang'? Nowhere in sight. No new market niche to be attacked, just more of the same product progression."

Questioning JDSU as a Rule Maker
Fools express varied reactions to TMF Gibson's conclusion that JDS Uniphase was not an appropriate investment for the Rule Maker Portfolio.

Latte Basketball Chatter
News that Starbucks chief Howard Schultz may be buying the Seattle SuperSonics has shareholders hoping the diversion won't spell foul play for the coffee business.

Nokia Stumbles, Gets Trampled
"It's absolutely amazing that predictions of Nokia's coming decline are appearing even as Nokia's worldwide market share stands at record levels."

Cisco: Applying Logic to the Markets
If the accepted logic is that the market anticipates the future by six months, and interest rate cuts don't begin to affect the economy for six months, why isn't this market reacting better now?

Why I Abandoned Mechanical Investing
Azurefox tells the Berkshire Hathaway board of his "profoundly unsatisfying" experiment with MI. "I like owning stocks, reading annual reports, and watching them hopefully grow and prosper. With MI, you are just renting the flavors of the month."

What's Your Money Personality?
The Retire Early board discusses whether an individual's personality has a direct bearing on her attitude toward investing and asset allocation. How else to explain why two people can analyze the same data and come up with opposite interpretations?

Planning a Wedding? Consider Eloping!
Preparing a wedding should be fun. But if all the details are stressing you out, consider how one LBYM Fool dealt with the situation. It won't make wedding coordinators happy.

Handling Those Credit Card Annual Fees
Is there ever a reasonable situation for you to accept those pesky annual fees? A Fool encounters this unmovable force while trying to establish credit for his spouse.