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January 11, 2001

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A Yahoo! View From the U.K.
You wouldn't have caught this U.K. economist buying into the so-called Internet Revolution. Until today, that is. "Yahoo! will be the biggest company in about 10 years' time. Can some out there please burst my bubble?"

Cisco's Note of Caution
John Chambers told analysts his company was "not immune" to the effects of an economic slowdown. But does the Cisco chief's note of caution count as a warning? Should investors be concerned?

Biotech Talks
When it comes to biotech, TMF Tom9 loves dropping names -- Gene Logic, ZymoGenetics, Compugen. He's recently talked with the heads of all three firms. Now he'd like your thoughts on who he should hang with next. Let him know on the Biotechnology board.

Apple and the Queen Wintel
Fool rpguillory says Mac users and Apple are "shoving on the stern of the Queen Wintel -- vainly attempting to steer this 100,000-ton steamship toward Cupertino. But it's far too late. It's aimed at the iceberg and it's gonna hit."

Microsoft Judge's Gangsta Rap
The judge who ordered that Microsoft be split in two recently compared its top execs to "gangland killers." Can comments like these affect the outcome of the case? Should they? Thoughts and opinions welcomed -- no brass knuckles allowed.

Metricom's Chief Speaks
The chairman and CEO of the high-speed wireless firm spoke this week at an industry schmoozefest. Fool smyers3 tuned in to the Web cast and shares his notes on the Metricom discussion board.

AOL Saved by Time Warner?
One year after the merger announcement, Fool Netscapegoat surveys the dot-com meltdown and asks if Time Warner's stability has helped AOL. "Could Time Warner, which once looked like an anchor dragging AOL down, now be the life buoy holding it up?"

The Latest and Greatest Rambus FAQ
Updated in this version: A summary of the company's advantages, comments on valuation and price analysis, a Rule Breaker article on sustainable advantage, and the ever-popular acronym finder.

The Social Cost of Credit Cards
Fool twistinmelon considers the costs we all share as consumers due to the use of credit cards in virtually all circumstances. Food for thought on the Living Below Your Means discussion board.

Motley Fool Cures Insomnia!
Fool TerminalGrin and his wife had trouble falling asleep -- until they discovered the ultimate non-prescription, slightly habit-forming sleep solution: The Motley Fool Radio Show! "The truth is stranger than fiction," he says. Tune in and catch a few Foolish zzz's.