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January 12, 2001

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AOL-Time Warner: Together at Last!
Shareholders were jubilant on the AOL board as news came out that the FCC has finally approved the merger of these two media giants. After a year-long engagement, will this marriage be a success?

Gateway Releases Numbers
...and they aren't pretty. Decreasing cash, reduced revenues, and reduced expectations may indicate a bumpy road ahead for this PC maker.

Can Cisco Survive in a New Paradigm?
TMF Mycroft paints a scenario of how Regulation Full Disclosure could backfire on the individual investors it's designed to protect. When analysts can't get private guidance, they often get it wrong. Is this what's causing volatility and disappointment?

Cree's Earnings
'Tis the season when investors unwrap December surprises, and the Cree board is poring over the contents of the company's latest results.

Not Convinced About Excite@Home
TMF Nole thinks there are a lot of legitimate negatives floating around that folks are missing in their analysis of Excite@Home. He plays devil's advocate in a lengthy critique of this struggling company.

Rambus Conference Call
Now that the numbers are out, Fools dig into what management has to say about the future as the Rambus board analyzes the company's quarterly conference call.

Free Refills of Coke Are Refreshing
But do those free refills hurt profit margins? Fools offer some perspective on who's really paying for these freebies.

How Much Life Insurance Is Enough?
"Twenty times my yearly salary? That may make sense for others, but I'm not about to establish a fund that will allow my wife to finance a campaign for Senator."

Grad School Cash Dilemma
"I'm about to start graduate school and after four years I'll have a huge debt of $80-$130K. My savings are about $20k and I'm wondering where to park that cash for the next four years, or should I use it to pay-as-I-go?"