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January 16, 2001

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Yahoo!'s Year Ahead
"Listening in on the conference call, the one thing that Yahoo! repeatedly stressed was that the downturn that will come in 2001 will be a short-term phenomena, and that they expect to come out of the downturn with increased market share. However, everyone seems to be jumping ship now...."

Starbucks in Europe
The coffee franchise is poised to expand its operations into Europe -- but is the competition there already too entrenched?

Transportation at Walt Disney World
What's the best long-term solution for visitor transportation at the Happiest Place on Earth? Should the expensive monorail system be expanded, or are buses enough?

Why Pfizer Isn't the Prescription for Me
With no new Pfizer products expected for at least six months, one investor decides that the company is not the cure for what ails him.

Why Microsoft Got in Trouble
Was it arrogance that brought the wrath of the Department of Justice down on Bill Gates? At least one Fool thinks so.

What Celera Will Become
What kind of company will Celera become? Is it a database? A drug developer? Something more? Does anybody know? And does it matter for now?

Cringely vs. Jobs
PBS computer expert Robert Cringely has some harsh words to say about pricing policies at Apple Computer. Is Steve Jobs being unfair to his best customers?

Saving for the Day After Tomorrow
If you are afraid to put money away for your future because you're afraid you might need it now, here's a story you might want to hear.

A Gathering of Writers
The Fool's Speaker's Corner is now the home of a new writer's colony -- the Aspiring Writers discussion board. Is your muse prompting you to post here?

Ask the Headhunter!
Looking for Foolish job-hunting advice? This is the place to find it!