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January 17, 2001

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Intel's Earnings
As Intel just barely beats its fourth-quarter expectations, Fools inspect the company's forward guidance and raise questions about that investment income once again.

Updating's Gross Profit Trends
"How significant is deceleration in revenue growth? To be truly meaningful, revenue trends need to be evaluated in the context of gross profit along with the improving trends we can see in Amazon's operating margins."

Post-mortem on Rambus Earnings
"For more than a year, Rambus long insisted it couldn't happen." But happen it did, and the Rambus board examines what events led to this company's disappointing quarter.

Apple's Unit Sales Growth
"While Apple has been successful in reaching out to newbies and Wintel switchers, it has had very little success in expanding its base of Pro users." Will Mac OS X be able to reverse this trend?

Microsoft, Philip Fisher, and the Honey Jar
"The problem with Microsoft is that they are just too good at what they do," says TMF Mycroft, who uses the lessons of Philip Fisher to help understand today's leading technology companies.

My Experience With Echelon
Echelon shareholders welcome the revelations of a Fool who describes his first-hand "in the field" experience with Echelon, shining some light on this complex technology.

Practicality, Patience, and Persistence
Fool Woolybooger1 shares the allocation lessons learned from Nasdaq's crash with Rat's Broadband Bandwagon: "We've decided to let time work for us and quit worrying about retiring within the next four minutes."

What Makes YOU Happy?
Living Below Your Means Fools agree that you can't find self-esteem in possessions. So if money doesn't make you happy, what does?

The Check Is in the Mail
A happy Fool mails off a check that "officially ends our four-year quest to eliminate $60,000 worth of credit card debt from our lives" and says, "If we can do it, anyone can!"