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January 18, 2001

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Excite@Home and AOL: Pluses and Minuses
The battle has raged from time immemorial to the last time we checked the board. Excite@Home or AOL -- which has the more refreshing, zesty taste, and full-bodied aroma?

AMD Observations and Analysis
The company delivered Q4 results Wednesday and Fool Fiontar thinks the company did "just fine, given the market conditions." Did the chipmaker set the bar too low for the coming year, or are they just being realistic?

i2 Technologies Conference Call
From last quarter's milestones to next year's outlook, Fool Woolybooger shares highlights from the supply-chain software firm's "upbeat and optimistic" conference call.

Reservations About Cree
A longtime supporter of Cree is concerned about an earnings slowdown and wonders if the maker of semiconductors needs new management to help execute its overly ambitious plans.

Shell-Shock, Hindsight, and JDS Uniphase
A Fool looks back over the last six months and, amid paper losses and lessons learned, finds a renewed investment philosophy.

The Real Yahoo! Stands Up
"The Yahoo! leadership has shown a lot of discipline," says Fool aamerman. But will Big Purple be able to reduce its dependence on advertising while remaining competitive with AOL and Microsoft?

eBay Raises Rates
Will the price hikes eBay just announced cause a revolt among sellers, buyers, or shareholders? Fool Tennoji looks at the situation from all three angles and sees a sound decision by management.

Valuing Berkshire
How do you even begin valuing Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway? Is it all a leap of faith? Suggestions on where to start investigating the behemoth Foolishly requested.

The Microsoft Auto-Response Project
From "Microsoft is holy" to "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain," a Fool gets the ball rolling on handy, all-purpose answers to Mr. Softee's critics. "It would save everyone a lot of time and energy," he says.

Ballard and the Rolling Black Outs
With California's scheduled blackouts invoking images of a high-tech dark ages, Ballard Power Fools discuss the impact of power shortages on the silicon economy.