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January 19, 2001

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Is Microsoft Gaining Market Share Where It Counts the Most?
Kids in school are cutting their teeth on Windows. Will this guarantee Microsoft a growing market share as these youngsters grow up?

Is AOL the Next Microsoft?
Fools give their take on yesterday's Rule Breaker report.

Intel Fools Look at the PC Market
Where is the market going? What are the best investments? Will AMD and Intel provide good returns? Fools discuss what they think will happen.

AMD Dreamin'
"Wow what a great dream I'm having. AMD announced so-so earnings and the stock jumps $4, volume is over 20,000,000 shares, and institutions are buying in like crazy. Boy this is a great dream... wait a minute -- I'm awake."

Is Excite@Home a Poorly Run Company?
Getting cable modem service installed can be a problem. However, is it @Home's fault, or the cable company's?

Apple Fools Take a Bite Out of Q1 Results
These Fools go over Apple's numbers and get right to the core.

Fools Call Up Nortel
Nortel Networks has released its annual numbers, and Fools communicate their thoughts.

Where Were You 10 Years Ago?
For the Military Fools, events were taking place that would change many of their lives.

How Do You Retouch a "Popcorn" Ceiling?
Fools in the Buying and Maintaining a Home board go over another common home repair.

Something Everyone Should Fear?
Have you ever left a good job only to get stuck in a bad one? Fools in the Ask the Headhunter board go over how this mistake can be avoided.