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January 22, 2001

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Is This Company Being Overly "Cree-ative"?
A Fool questions Cree's strategic efforts with its recent stock buyback, and wonders if there is some ulterior motive behind the decision.

What Are AMD and Intel Worth?
Which stock would Warren Buffett pick? Fools take chip shots in an attempt to get some clear valuations using Warren's techniques.

Is Uncertainty Holding Down Excite@Home?
The one thing that's certain about Excite@Home is that there are plenty of uncertainties looming. How are investors dealing with the unknowns?

Will Apple's Titanium Be Solid Gold?
Both Mac and PC Fools alike are impressed with Apple's newest laptop offering. Will this Apple be sweet to the core?

Still Unsure About AOL Time Warner
"I think the old AOL was a fine company that changed the world, but I just don't see how AOL Time Warner is more than the sum of those two great companies."

Ballard Power to the Rescue?
With the rolling blackouts in California, Ballard Power Fools ponder whether this might draw attention to the need for more energy alternatives like fuel cells. A viable solution or a shot in the dark?

Will Ericsson's New Technology Be Long in the "Bluetooth"?
Where could this new wireless technology lead us in the future? Fools speculate on the possibilities.

What's Up With Down Payments?
Is there a right amount of money to put down on a house? That might be more of a personal question than a financial one. You decide.

Buying a Cell Phone Without the Hang-Ups
What if someone just wants a cell phone for emergencies? Fools on the Living Below Your Means board offer up the right number for solving this problem.

Get On Your Soapbox!
What you know can earn you money. Drop by to find out how you can be an author and help others in the process.