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January 23, 2001

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Yahoo! and the High Price of Soda
Does the way a company provide beverages for its employees say something about its sense of value? One Fool fresh from an interview with the company gives an opinion.

Amazon: Poised for a Short Squeeze?
"Amazon is a stock known for its volatility, and momentum players are likely to pile on during any prolonged run-up. The bear market geniuses face perhaps the most explosive shorting disaster ever."

Delta: On the Merger Hunt
With the entire airline industry in a consolidation phase, Delta Air Lines Chairman and CEO Leo Mullin admitted that his company is mulling over the prospect of making an acquisition. What regional airlines look attractive these days?

An Apple OS X for PCs?
Apple's new operating system, due out later this year, could theoretically run on a PC. So why don't investors expect that to happen?

Starbucks and the Competition
There are lots of companies our there that copy what Starbucks does. That isn't necessarily a ticket to success, argues one Fool.

JDS Uniphase at the Extremes
When JDSU was flying high at $150 per share, finding analysts with rosy opinions was easy. Now that the stock trades closer to $40 per share, an upbeat report is hard to find. What gives?

The Intelligent Investor, Chapter 8
ZenvestorB gives his review of Chapter 8 of Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor, surely one of the most revered texts in investing literature.

Freaking Out Over Credit Problems?
If you're tired of trying to stay on budget, and if you're frustrated over having too much month left at the end of your money, let the Consumer Credit/Credit Cards board come to your rescue!

How Supermarkets Trick You Into Buying
The way grocery stores place their products on the shelves are really attempts to manipulate you into making some impulse purchases. The Living Below Your Means crew exposes some of the secrets.

Looking for Spreadsheet Advice?
Knowing how to use a spreadsheet will greatly expand your powers to x-ray a company financial statement. Fools on the Spreadsheet Advice discussion board are sharing what they know.