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January 24, 2001

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AOL's Free Competition Not So Free
NetZero, the all-free Internet service provider (ISP), announces a 40-hour limit with a fee to kick in for unlimited usage thereafter. Is AOL's dominance causing free ISPs to become a dying breed?

Are Customers Less Active at
EricVdP suggests that part of's revenue problem is that even active customers aren't coming back as often.

JDSU and the Light Sciences
Faster than the speed of light? Optical Fools are excited over a scientific breakthrough that can slow light to a dead stop, store it, and then move it again. What implications might this technology have for JDS Uniphase?

Anticipating Nokia's Earnings
What to expect if Nokia misses earnings? What happens if it meets, or beats, expectations? Nokia Fools run a Buffett-like cash flow analysis to determine value going forward.

Sun Microsystems Losing Its Shine
"Sun Microsystems needs to change its television advertising and soon. It's getting old and it's terrible." But how do you find an entertaining way to educate consumers about net traffic flows?

Microsoft Gaining in Server Wars
A customer says, "I'm not going to put high-volume, mission-critical trading applications on Sun boxes until they prove they can handle it." Could this be why Wintel systems are winning a growing share of the server market?

Is Excite@Home Turning the Corner?
With strong ad revenues for December, cost-cutting layoffs in January, and maybe a new CEO by February, could Excite@Home be on the cusp of recovery?

Buying Berkshire in a 401(k)
An employee of a Berkshire Hathaway-owned company is able to invest in BRK.A stock through his 401(k), as well as other mutual funds. Would it be foolish to allocate 100% of his contributions to Berkshire stock?

Why Would NVidia Not Sell Rampage?
"This would seem the obvious and most financially astute thing to do. It's a complete gift-horse, so why wouldn't NVidia do it?"

To Own or Not to Own?
"There are some advantages to renting. The increased return on investment, however, is not usually one of them," writes a LBYM Fool in answer to the Rent vs. Own dilemma.