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January 25, 2001

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AMD Road Kill in 2001?
Will AMD's Athlon processor be done in by Intel's Pentium and Rambus' RDRAM? This Fool thinks he's heard it before, and the AMD board responds.

My Investment in Pfizer
This Fool usually lurks from the rafters, but a review of his long-term holdings compelled him to share his thoughts on Pfizer, and why this Rule Maker has a place in his portfolio.

Valuing Network Appliance
Davidsbo wants to add a storage company to his portfolio and thinks Network Appliance could be the one. Products and management all check out -- but it looks a little overpriced. Is he missing something?

Rambus Patent Uncertainty
Rambus' patent infringement suits with Hyundai, Infineon, and Micron have left investors feeling uncertain. But Fool RobertMerritt sees supply and demand in the memory market working to the chipmaker's advantage.

Siebel Q4 Review
MikeBuckley looks at Siebel's fourth quarter and gives the e-business software maker a thorough review -- Gorilla Game-style.

Ballard Power Pros and Cons
On one hand, there's the intellectual property, the partnerships, and the promise. On the other hand, there's the lack of profits, unproven market acceptance, and the Great Unknown. A Foolish overview of the risks and rewards that all Ballard Power investors share.

eBay Undervalued?
TMF Tardior follows up his review of eBay's fourth quarter with some additional numbers that couldn't fit into his Rule Breaker recap.

The Warren Buffett Piggy Bank
The Long Term Buy & Hold Hourglass. The Mr. Market Talking Doll. Chocolate-Covered Mungers. What else will Fools think of selling on the Berkshire Hathaway Activewear page?

The Second Mortgage vs. Credit Card Debt
They just bought a new home. Congratulations! But that backyard really needs a swimming pool. Or does it? Is it worth a second mortgage, or should they first pay down the credit cards? Everybody into the Fool Budgeting board!