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January 26, 2001

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Out to the Wood Shed for JDSU Fools
With sales up "only" 161% compared to last year, JDSU Fools expect to get a beating tomorrow. Is this a buying opportunity, or does the stock deserve the punishment?

Drew Carey Goes Mac
Apple has great product placement on this TV show. Is it great advertising or what?

Why Does Intel Pay Dividends?
The company has a 0.24% dividend yield, which isn't a lot. Why in the world do they pay this? Fools debate the possible reasons.

Some Stimulating News About Starbucks
With profits up 41% and continued expansion, this company is brewing some good results. Get a cup of coffee and join the discussion.

Microsoft Gets Hacked
Hit by "denial of service" attacks from hackers, the company has gone to the FBI. Does this have any effect on the investment value?

Some Pretty Heavy Stuff From AMD Fools
AMD Fools take a hard (and fairly technical) look at Intel's IA 64 chip. See how they analyze the competition's product.

A Wireless Strategy for Cisco?
Fools discuss Cisco's work in wireless networking.

Rockets and Junk
Fools in the Building and Maintaining a Home board discuss their favorite TV show, Junkyard Wars. What else can you expect from a group of people that can't leave well enough alone?

The Second Interview
You've interviewed the first time for a job, and they tell you they will call you in "a day or so" for the second interview. A couple days go by, and nothing happens. Do you call? Fools in the Ask the Headhunter board debate this vexing question.

Cat-Loving Fools Debate The Onion
A humorous article in this satirical publication pokes fun at people who think their cats miss them. Pet-loving Fools debate whether the kitty cares.