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January 29, 2001

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Evaluating Microsoft
Fools on the Microsoft board are examining the company's revenue sources and discussing "where they want to go today," as well as tomorrow.

What's So Different About Apple?
Are Apple Fools comparing Apples to oranges when they talk about the Macintosh Difference? One person thinks the difference may be less than some think.

Is There Sizzle Left in Excite@Home?
Excite@Home investors are analyzing the company's conference call and raising questions to determine if there's anything to get "excited" about.

Getting Fuelish on Ballard Power
Electric cars get the green light in California, and Ballard Power Fools are revved up over the implications for fuel cells.

The AMD-Intel Debate Continues
AMD has been gaining ground on Intel, but could their higher leverage be the company's Achilles heel? Fools on the AMD board discuss.

What Do All Those eBay Employees Do?
"I was shocked to see that eBay has 1300 employees. A company with no inventory should have little overhead. What's up with that?"

Will McDonald's McMagination Be McBig or McBust?
Hamburgers, fries, and Space Invaders? Mickey D Fools are discussing whether this new idea will take off, or just result in greasy keyboards.

Can We Both Claim the Mortgage Interest?
"My fiance and I bought a house together six months ago. Since my name is listed first, am I the only one that can claim the interest?" Fools on the Tax Strategies board provide answers.

Biweekly vs. Monthly Mortgage Payments
Fools on the Buying a Home board are discussing how to pay down the mortgage faster while saving money in the process. Is this the Foolish way to go?

Get On Your Soapbox!
What you know can earn you money. Drop by to find out how you can be an author and help others in the process.