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January 30, 2001

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Cree's Sustainability
"What is Cree's sustainability?" asks one Fool. "How much reliance does it have on stock price for its survival, and for its ability to realize its potential? How much will delays in techno breakthroughs impair its ability to survive?"

The Macintosh Difference
What is it that sets Apple Computers apart from the rest of the world? Despite all those flashy hardware designs, one Fool (DataWrangler) says it's the software that makes all the difference.

Why Doesn't Buffett Invest in Pharmaceuticals?
There have been some great successes among drug stocks over the years. So why doesn't Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett touch them? Up a Crazy River?
"Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Amazon may have regained the status of Crippled Butterfly, upgraded from Floundering Behemoth."

Running Nokia Through the Numbers
RAIVO attempts a discounted cash flow analysis of Nokia. Does this sort of approach to valuation work on a company that is seeing such rapid revenue growth?

Those E*Trade Super Bowl Ads
E*Trade had some of the most memorable commercials in this year's Super Bowl adfest. What do you think about the chimp in the dot-com graveyard?

Segmenting Qualcomm
At l'union fait la force, investors are sorting through Qualcomm's financial statements to discover where its real strength and growth potential lie. What are the possibilities?

Retiring Early With the 4% Solution
Retire Early advocates point out that a 4% withdrawal rate from your retirement savings would have had you surviving the worst of economic downturns, including the Great Depression. Does this mean you're closer to retirement than you think?

LBYM: The Perspective From India
The United States is a wealthy nation. What "Living Below Your Means" represents to Americans gains new meaning when seen from the Third World.

The WORST Movies Ever
What are the worst movies ever made? Every Fool has an opinion, and they're all being expressed on the Great Movies discussion board.