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January 31, 2001

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AMD Fools Criticize the Rules
AMD Fools pick apart the Rule Maker approach -- is the upstart AMD a better investment than the "Rule Maker" Intel?

Amazon's Expectations vs. Foolish Analysis expects pro forma profitability in Q4 2001, but Fools tear into those numbers. It's not pretty, just like the piranhas in the famous river.

Apple Fools Can Be Cruel Too
The Fools on the Apple board bite in to the core of Microsoft.

Microsoft Throws the Book at Judge Jackson
Microsoft has asked that the judgement against them be vacated. Is this an indictment of the judge?

Ad Revenue Slowdown for AOL?
Fools discuss the slowdown in Internet advertisement spending. What will happen to AOL?

Celera Fools Discuss Cloning
What happens when you attempt to clone a human? A lot of possibilities, according to the Celera Fools.

Iomega Business Obstacles
Iomega will be introducing its new storage product, Peerless, in mid-2001. What obstacles must it overcome?

Is It Mutiny, or Just Demanding Justice?
You've got a jerk of a boss running your department. Do you get a group of employees to complain?

I Hope #9 Isn't True
Baby Boomer Fools discuss some cubicle humor.

Insulating This Old House
Fools in the Buying and Maintaining a Home board discuss how to insulate the walls of an older home.