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February 2, 2001

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The Best Comeback Ever for Apple?
Does this Fool have the best comeback line for avoiding a Wintel machine?

Analysts Exposed on the Nokia Board
What is it that drives analysts? Do they EVER recommend "sell"?

What Is AMD's Real Growth Rate?
"I have trouble imagining that AMD will post anything less than $2.50 [per share] this year, which would provide a real growth rate of about 39%."

Can Microsoft Beat the Palm?
"1981: Can Microsoft and the PC really overtake Mainframes? 1989: Can Office really beat WordPerfect? 1990: Can Microsoft really overtake Apple? 1993: Can NT really beat Novell? 1996: Can Microsoft really beat Netscape? Now, can Microsoft beat Palm?"

Excite@Home Fools Get Excited About Dial-Up Dying
"Looks like Dial-Up may be dying faster than expected, at least among experienced Internet users."

Hear Ye, Hear Ye AOL Fools
Bits and pieces of AOL news to discuss.

Coke's Quarterly Results
Coke Fools discuss the quarter. Is there still fizz in this company?

What's Your Biggest Marketing Blunder?
Self-employed Fools confess to dumb things they've done to promote their businesses.

Keeping Deer Out of the Garden
Deer can be pesky critters, especially if you have a vegetable garden. Gardening Fools discuss how to keep them in the woods.

Who's at Fault?
Your talents are underutilized at your present job. Whose fault is it: yours, your boss', or both?