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February 5, 2001

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Crunching the Numbers on Cree
Cree Inc. Fools are sharpening their pencils and examining the financials to determine if the company is on a Foolish track. Look out for the red flags.

A Fuelish Look at Ballard Power's Future
Ballard Power Fools are discussing why the current state of gas and oil continue to suggest a stronger case for fuel alternatives.

Analyzing Nokia
Nokia Fools are doing what they do best as they discuss and debate the numbers to determine where the stock is going.

I Sure Could Use a Palm Reader
"Should I see Palm as a rocket ready to lift my portfolio to new heights or the rock that drags it to the bottom of the sea?" Fools on the Palm board share their thoughts.

eBay Bids on Some New Changes
The auction giant is no longer listing the email addresses of members, and Fools are offering their opinions on how this will benefit the company, users, and investors.

Starbucks in Need of a Caffeine Boost?
Is the slowdown in same-store sales at Starbucks a temporary phenomenon, or did the cup spring a leak? Stop by and help stir things up.

Lucent in Limbo: How Low Can LU Go?
Due to a number of extenuating circumstances, Lucent's stock has been decimated. Is the worst over?

Do These Tax Laws Make You IRAte?
Unfortunately, IRS rules prohibit the use of your IRA money for purposes of home ownership. There are other options, but there are drawbacks as well.

Living on Diddly-Squat
Fools on the Living Below Your Means board are sharing ideas and tips on how to live on next-to-nothing.

Get On Your Soapbox!
What you know can earn you money. Drop by to find out how you can be an author and help others in the process.