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February 6, 2001

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Celera Shakes Up Academia
Copyright restrictions, once anathema for publicly funded databases, may soon change the structure of bioinformatics, as science creeps ever closer toward business.

Living Mac in a Windows World
It's not always easy being an Apple Computer user, but sometimes the frustrations are worth the stories you get to tell.

JDS Uniphase's Debt
One investor is troubled by the debt on JDSU's balance sheet -- but others are arguing otherwise. Who's right?

Intel and Its Earnings
Tech stocks are in a slowdown and pundits are predicting mediocre performance from Intel and its earnings performance. But is there an upside inside of the downside?

Coke's Missed Opportunity?
Did Warren Buffett make a mistake when he blocked Coca-Cola's purchase of Quaker Oats? At least one contributor to the Berkshire Hathaway discussion board thinks so.

Can Value Be Found in Technology Stocks?
"I would submit," says ZenvestorB, "that, thanks to the recent economic slowdown, there may be opportunities to find reasonably valued companies involved in technological fields."

Your College Saving Strategy
What's the best strategy for saving for your children's education? The answer: It all depends on your situation.

Fool Disclosure Policy
Do you have comments or questions about The Motley Fool's new disclosure policy? Post 'em here!

Disk Jammed? Data Lost? Blank Screens?
Got computer problems? You're not alone! Check out the Help With This STUPID Computer! board for answers.