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February 7, 2001

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Amazon Fights Back, With Spin's Jeff Bezos calls a Wall Street analyst "silly" for saying the e-tailer would run out of cash by December. But Fools dig up evidence of what the analyst actually said, and when this predicted cash crunch may occur. Is Bezos confused, or bending the facts?

Is Starbucks a Fad?
"Brother, can you spare $3.50 for a latte"? A Starbucks Fool worries if a weakening economy and lower consumer confidence could signal an end to the upscale coffeehouse craze.

Fueling the Storage Debate
If Network Appliance's claim at having the inside line to a SAN-killer is true, could EMC be toppled from its Gorilla status to merely a niche player in the storage market?

Pointless to Invest in Cree?
Fools respond to criticism that Cree develops the technology first, and then attempts to identify applications. Is this company merely a solution in search of a market?

Intel's Declining Revenues
Should the market care where earnings come from? The AMD board debates whether Intel has been playing games with its earnings numbers by reporting investment income to hide the truth about its real growth.

Confused About JDSU's Acquisitions
"Where does the money come from?" asks a puzzled Fool who's attempting to sort out the goodwill amortization numbers on JDSU's balance sheet.

How do you spell D-I-L-U-T-I-O-N?
TMF Otter picks on Brocade Communications to demonstrate that a too-rich stock option plan may be a major valuation stumble just waiting to happen.

Is Sprint Priming Qualcomm's Market?
A recent study of the rapid growth in Sprint's wireless subscribers has Qualcomm Fools discussing whether this bodes well for Qualcomm's CDMA 3G service.

Answers To Those Taxing Questions
Are you staring at those dreaded IRS forms, just wondering where to start? Find enlightenment with other Fools on the Tax Strategies discussion board.