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February 8, 2001

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It's Not the Market's Fault -- It's Cisco's
"While the analysts claim a slowing economy is slowing Cisco's growth, the truth is it's a combination of horrible acquisitions, a poor 'New Economy' plan, and John Chambers driving off his best talent." Principles and Realities
Does Amazon still have a place in the Rule Breaker Portfolio? Would selling be a foolish (lowercase) betrayal of principles, or a Foolish (uppercase) acknowledgment of new realities?

Plea for Biotech Questions!
TMF Tom9 will be interviewing the head of biotech firm Diversa this Friday. Got questions? Tom will do his best to get answers.

AMD, Intel, and Cisco
Applying the example of Cisco to AMD and Intel, a Fool cautions against putting too much emphasis on past performance. "It's not a reliable indicator of future performance, and the future is what we are most concerned with, no?"

Is the Fool Slighting Qualcomm?
"It's a bit of a head-scratcher that the Fool hasn't recognized Qualcomm for what it really is," says an observer on the Qualcomm board. Will running the company through the Rule Maker and Rule Breaker criteria turn up the answer?

EMC and Network Appliance: Either/Or?
The two storage makers compete, but is the contest really as either/or as it's made out to be? Is the marketplace big enough for the two of them?

What's Killing Coke?
This Fool thinks Coke's upper management suffers from an arrogance that is killing the company. Is there hope left for the company that brought the world "The Bubbling Nectar of the Gods"?

GE for the Long Haul
New to investing, spitzburgh took the plunge with General Electric, but wonders what difference the new CEO will make.

Apple and the Yadda Yadda Yadda
An encounter with a computer salesman at a major chain leaves this Fool unimpressed with how Apple is being represented at retail.

Jazz: The Lost Episodes
Sinfonian offers highlights from the legendary lost episodes of Ken Burns' 144-hour documentary, Jazz.