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February 9, 2001

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Fools Duel Over Enron
Enron is an unusual company. It trades such items as bandwidth, energy, and weather derivatives. Is this a company to be bullish or bearish about?

Amazon Fools on Barnes & Noble
These Fools do a review of's competitor's plot for selling on the Web.

Has Microsoft Gone Over the Edge
Is the future "Windows XP" something that will drive Microsoft users to the Mac?  Apple Fools think it just might be.

Twisted Question for Microsoft Fools
In a roundabout way, Fools go over an important point when investing in Microsoft.

AMD's New Products
Fools go over what's coming with Advanced Micro Devices.

Cisco: You Receivables What You Sow
"Long-term receivables have doubled in the last year, inventory levels are up by a factor of 2. Wait 2 quarters and they will be writing down some of their receivables probably to the tune of $3 billion to $7 billion.

"If I'd Only Known Then"
What is really important in life? Is it so necessary to devote all of your energy to a career, or should you take time to enjoy the more important things?

Not a Children's Story
An adult look at Winnie the Pooh from the Retire Early board.

Which MBA?
Is it worth the expense for the more prestigious school? Or is it a better deal to get the lower-cost tuition from the lesser-known school? Fools in the Ask the Headhunter board debate.