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February 12, 2001

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Will Microsoft Suffer From Slower PC Sales?
With forecasts of modest growth in PCs, Fools are discussing what impact this may have on Microsoft and whether the analysts even have a clue.

Insider Sales at Amazon: So What?
On the surface, it may seem disconcerting to see the CEO of Amazon selling some of his holdings, but Fools point out that what he's keeping is more noteworthy.

Opening Day for Disney's Newest Park
According to Fools on the Disney board, there wasn't exactly a gold rush as Disney's California Adventure opened its doors to visitors. Will this newest venture turn out to be a Goofy move for the bottom line?

Intel a Bargain?
"Though Intel's price has dropped a lot from its high, I am not sure if it's yet reached a level that can be called a bargain." Find out what they're saying on the Intel board.

Politics, Religion, and Ballard Power
"Our discussions on this board often seem almost compulsively drawn toward energy politics and alternative-fuel advocacy. This is something that needs to be reconsidered and put to rest."

Hey! What's eBay's Excuse?
Fools on the eBay board are trying to understand why the stock is dropping when it's one company not reporting bad news. Any bids on this?

What's Perkin' at Starbucks?
One Fool loves the coffee, so he's grinding the beans and crunching the numbers to determine if this is an investment that can perk up his portfolio.

But That's the Lease of It
"My husband and I rent an apartment, and are considering a move to another area. What happens if we buy something before the lease is up?"

Help With This Stupid Computer!
Does your PC need a doctor? Confused about upgrades? This is the board with the answers to make your computer run like buttah!

Help for Those Taxing Questions
Fools are filing their returns, and Roy Lewis (TMF Taxes) is hard at work providing the answers to those taxing questions. Stop by the Tax Strategies board to pick up some tax tips of your own.