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February 13, 2001

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Dinner With Warren
A fortunate Fool was in attendance Sunday night as Warren Buffett was the featured speaker. Read what the Oracle of Omaha had to say about energy crises, deflation, baseball, the new president's tax cuts, and the former president's speaking fees.

Celera Is "Twice as Good"
Call it The Book of Life or Human Heredity. The release of two versions of the long-awaited DNA map has scientists declaring Celera's efforts a clear winner over the public sector's version.

Napster Ruling: No More Free Lunch?
"The court might put Napster out of business, but they will never stop the technology." Broadband Fools on the Excite@Home board debate the future of downloading free music.

Espionage in a Brown Package
FedEx sues Fritz Companies, alleging that the freight handler gave away FedEx trade secrets to rival UPS. Substance or sour grapes? Troubles No Mystery
A Fool accuses of faulty perception of its offline strengths, arguing that a different skill set was necessary for its online business to thrive.

Starbucks Report From Zurich
As Starbucks prepares for its European debut next month, a Fool on the scene in Switzerland checks out the competitive landscape and reports his findings.

The Worm Known as Anna Kournikova
No, sports fans, we're not dissing the lovely tennis star -- just the newest email virus that carries her name and is spreading fast.

Help for Those Taxing Questions
Fools are filing their returns, and Roy Lewis (TMF Taxes) is hard at work providing the answers to those taxing questions. Stop by the Tax Strategies board to pick up some tax tips of your own.