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February 14, 2001

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Starbucks in Zurich
"Living in Switzerland, I'm getting very excited about Starbucks opening their first store here in March -- a couple of steps to the nearest Starbucks is a whole lot better than a couple of thousand miles."

Yahoo! by the Numbers
It's always a good exercise to examine the financial position of the companies you've invested in. Today, Yahoo!'s third-quarter numbers come under scrutiny.

Monday Morning Quarterbacking the XFL
The upstart XFL is now two weeks old, and ratings are already declining. Is it the start of a losing season?

The Value of Nokia
Flush4 offers a discounted cash flow analysis in an attempt to calculate the fair value of Nokia. But do the numbers add up?

Rule Maker: A Living, Breathing Strategy
Any investment strategy is going to evolve and grow as lessons are learned. Check out TMFVerve's assessment of the Rule Maker approach to date.

The End of Napster?
With a new court ruling against the music-swapping website, it appears that the days of free music downloading on Napster are numbered. What's ahead?

Twenty Years With Quaker Oats
What's a real long-term investment? Investors on Rat's Broadband Bandwagon ponder the question.

When Your Ex Wrecks Your Credit
Sometimes when couples break apart, the resulting credit hassles can be enormous. How do you re-establish your financial credibility when your ex's credit rating stinks?

A Place for Book Lovers
Whatcha reading? If you're both a Fool and a bookworm, here's a place to share your passion for literature.