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February 16, 2001

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Are You a Bullish Troll for Dell?
Give yourself this test to see if your bullishness is taking you out of safe pastures.

Would Dells Go Better With AMD?
Fools on the AMD board comment on Dell's earnings. Is their exclusive use of Intel processors hurting them?

Microsoft Turns to Lawmakers in Fight Against Linux
Is open-source software a threat to innovation and industry? Microsoft thinks so -- do you?

Nortel and John Roth's Credibility
Nortel announces an earnings shortfall that sent the stock price plummeting again after hours. Does this call the CEO's credibility into question?

The Maytag Repairman on the Scientific-Atlanta Board?
It's a great company, but nobody ever hangs out on this board. Are all these Fools too busy watching cable TV?

Coke's Market Share Data
"Having stable market share and sub-par earnings, or losses, is not good.... Maybe this level of market share is unhealthy?"

The Risk If Medical Savings Accounts Aren't Extended
Self-employed Fools discuss what could happen if the law that allows medical savings accounts expires. What happens to your health insurance?

Could Nortel's Woes Be Good News for Cisco?
At least one Fool thinks so.

Are the Gorillas Chasing Munchkins?
Are we no longer in Kansas? Fools on The Gorilla Game board debate if this is true with wireless.

What Could You Do Without?
Credit card Fools discuss one way to lower bills: find something you don't need and do without it.